Well, folks, we have a new calendar for 2018!

This calendar has been digitally printed on a nice linen/cotton that makes for a lovely, soft, washable tea towel. It measures approx. 15″W X 25″L.    We have hemmed it so that you may hang it up with a 3/16″ dowel and string.  You can also just tack it up and that looks fine, too.

 The Cloth Calendar is $24 including shipping.

If you want the Calendar with the Hanging Kit, the cost is $34 including shipping.

If you are handy at all, you can pick up your own two skinny 3/16″ wooden dowels, cut them to the desired width, attach a string at the top for hanging and wallah!

Here it is in my office.  It was cloudy and rainy today so this was the best I could get I’m afraid.

The inspiration for this calendar was a vintage large scale rose floral print I found that looks like it is from the sixties.   Given that Portland is the City of Roses I have been holding onto it and trying to figure out what to do with it so…

We had to figure out which section of the fabric to use which was challenging given the scale of the pattern.

Below is my fabulous assistant, Amanda, who is a constant help with computer graphics and design. (Sorry about the sun glaring in below).

Then we had to figure out the font, calendar numbers and graphics which took a few revisions.

I was trying to capture the fluidity of the artist’s hand on the roses with some added embellishments.

In the end, we settled on a bold font instead for the 2018, that to me has a retro look to it as I just wasn’t that happy with the hand written quality.

I think this is a really happy print, and not at all traditional, given the scale. About this time of year, we all deserve some bright blooms around the house.

I hope you like it!

Click here to purchase yours now:

Thanks, as always, for reading, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!